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Ever wondered how much of your Google Ads budget actually contributes to your bottom line? You're not alone. 
Retailers just like you are struggling to figure out where their ad spend is really going.  We spent countless hours analyzing over 20 accounts, encompassing more than 1,000 products and found that the average waste is approximately 32%.
That's why we're offering a FREE Google Ads Account Audit to show you how much you could be saving.

The Groundbreaking Insights Unveiled:

What Countless Hours of Research Revealed

RetailAdvantage can discover and label products based on their true performance based on ROAS, profit, and availability. These are divided into Looser with Roas less than 2, Solid with Roas between 4 and 6, and finally High with Roas greater than 6. We analyzed over 20 accounts, encompassing more than 1,000 products, and found that the average waste is approximately 32% (on Looser products).

Why Choose RetailAdvantage.ai

Cutting-Edge Technology

We utilize advanced AI and data science technologies to develop innovative and effective marketing solutions for retail businesses.

Retail Industry Expertise

Our team has a deep understanding of the retail landscape, which enables us to create tailored ad strategies that drive results.

Transparent Reporting

We provide clear, data-driven reports that help you monitor your ad campaign’s performance and make informed decisions.

Dedicated Support

Our customer success team is committed to helping you achieve your advertising goals and is available to provide guidance and support every step of the way.

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